Welcome to the Savin Research Group

Research in the Savin group is largely associated with the applications of self-assembled polymers and block copolymers, with particular emphasis on solution characterization and property-structure relationships. Research projects can be broken into three broad categories: (1) Self-assembly and responsiveness in polypeptide and bioconjugate block copolymers, (2) Nanoparticle dispersants and organogels as novel remediation and delivery agents, and (3) Impact energy-absorbing polymer nanocomposites.

Although we invoke most polymer solution characterization techniques, the experimental workhorse in the laboratory is an ALV multi-angle light scattering goniometer for simultaneous static, dynamic and depolarized scattering measurements. We also rely heavily on microscopy (TEM, SEM, and AFM) for morphology characterization. Materials testing is done using rheology, DMA, Instron and Dynatup instruments. The PI has extensive experience in polymer characterization, in particular light scattering techniques for both solution and bulk/gel systems.

We are located in Leigh Hall at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.